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my design philosophy
my design philosophy

I always try to create spaces which are beautiful and functional at the same time. I never choose style over utility, but also avoid bad quality or non-stylish solutions in our spaces. During a project I always think about myself as a helper, not a leader. I help my clients to find their best solutions in every aspect: their style, budget, and practical needs. "Le style est l'homme même!"  This phrase means to me a lot: the style of our home and our office always tells something about us, it reflects our personality, our heart and our mood. It is not about having money or being trendy. I think when we are in harmony with our living and working space - no matter how we call its style: minimalist, classic or eclectic - generally we feel better. This harmony gives us a balance and a lot of positive energy. Our living spaces are for us, their function is to serve us and if we change, they need to change as well in order to be in harmony again. Interior design is a toolkit, by means of which I can translate your style, personality and your needs into the language of interiors. 

My story 

I graduated from the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary, where I was born and spent all my childhood years. I worked for home design and fashion magazines as an editor for many years, then I became an independent stylist and worked on photo shootings for magazines, and I styled many cookbooks as well. After I graduated from a florist school, one of my childhood dreams became reality when I started to design weddings, and shortly our company called Cup of Charm was born. Cup of Charm was a Budapest based company in which, with my partner, we designed and decorated weddings and boutique events.
LOVE drove me to Lausanne, Switzerland, where I live now with my husband and my twin girls. During my pregnancy and after my girls were born, I started to work with my architect husband as a home stylist and this cooperation inspired me to get involved more and more in interior design which finally became my profession, and at the same time remained my passion as well.

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