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4 bedroomS apartment in Budapest

Apartment redesign

The biggest challenge of this project was the timing. We had only 2 and a half month from getting the keys to give them back to the new owner, who moved in with her three kids. The layout of the originally 3 bedroom apartment was not very practical and the family needed a forth bedroom, so I redesigned the whole plan, creating a forth bedroom and a little second bathroom with shower, repositioned the laundry room, enlarged the main bathroom and added a lot of storage place.
Since this moving was difficult for the whole family, it was very important not just be ready with the renovation in time, to be able to move in, but also creating a home, with soft colors and stylist elements. I designed a harmonious, cosy interior where they can relax and which is a comfortable, practical space for the family.

Photo: Réka Kövesdi

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